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Digital Prototyping

Autodesk® Inventor® takes you beyond 3D design to Digital Prototyping

ProRepro has a proven track record of helping manufacturers go beyond 3D design to Digital Prototyping with Autodesk Inventor software. The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping brings together design data from all phases of the development process into a single digital model created in Inventor. This single digital model simulates the complete product and gives engineers the ability to better design, visualize, and simulate their product with less reliance on costly physical prototypes -- thereby improving time-to-market and increasing competitive advantage.

The Autodesk approach to Digital Prototyping is scalable, attainable, and cost-effective, allowing a broader group of manufacturers to realize the benefits of Digital Prototyping with minimal disruption to existing workflows. Through comprehensive training and support, ProRepro helps you leverage an Inventor-based Digital Prototyping solution to make great products.

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White Papers

Digital Prototyping Strategy Report (6787k)

Read an independent study by the Aberdeen Group to learn about the benefits to eliminating physical prototypes through Digital Prototyping methods.

Benefits of Using Autodesk Inventor Simulation Suite in Engineering Design (908k)

Learn how Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation Suite gives designers a true digital prototype and addresses the shortcomings of traditional, dedicated FEA and motion analysis solutions with easy-to-use tools that work directly with the Inventor 3D model.

Sustainability for Manufacturers: Driving Profitability and Growth (1982k)

Read about the top environmental issues affecting the manufacturing sector and how taking action on sustainability can help mitigate business challenges. A sustainable design methodology can assist in lowering the environmental impact of any product, quickly and cost-effectively.

IDC Insight Report (115k)

Autodesk acquisitions open the door for broader use of Digital Prototyping in Manufacturing.

The Transition from 2D Drafting to 3D Modeling Benchmark Report (613k)

Read an independent study by the Aberdeen Group to learn what makes manufacturers best-in-class.

Digital Prototyping: Autodesk Strengthens Competitiveness of Worldwide SMB Manufacturers (194k)

Read how the Autodesk Digital Prototyping solution helps small and medium businesses strengthen their competitiveness and gives them the functional tools and processes required to achieve product excellence and profitability for years to come.

Mechatronics (995k)

Best-in-class manufacturers are using a mechatronics-based approach to integrate the electronic, mechanical, and software components of their increasingly complex products. Learn how the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping enables manufacturers to achieve the full benefits of mechatronics product development.