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Why choose Bluebeam PDF Revu®?

Easy PDF creation - Just push a button in AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks and MS Office to create and batch PDFs. Simply print to the Bluebeam PDF printer driver to convert other Windows files to PDF.

Still the most intuitive interface - Revu displays open PDFs in tab form so you can easily switch between documents. View PDFs side by side and customize the interface with a quick profile change.

No hunting for markup tools - Bluebeam displays all the markup tools and properties settings in the toolbars so you can quickly select a tool, customize it and markup your document. Save custom markups in the Tool Chest to reapply with a mouse click.

Totally integrated - Seamless integration into ProjectWise and SharePoint document management systems streamlines workflow. Retrieve files, markup and check-in documents directly from the Revu interface.

More files. Better access - Bluebeam's File Access displays a list of recently opened PDF files that can be previewed or reopened with a mouse click. Pin files and organize by folder or category to avoid endless searches for files.

One click markup - There's no need for extra or repetitive steps. Bluebeam's exclusive Tool Chest stores every markup and comment you make so you can reapply with just a mouse click.

No more number crunching - Bluebeam does the work for you. Take measurements and count from PDFs electronically. View results in a list, add custom formulas or summarize and import into Excel for further calculations.

No one wants to compare drawings manually - Bluebeam's exclusive Compare Documents tool will automatically compare two PDF drawings and add a cloud or other markup to the areas that differ.

Tablet users love it - View and markup PDF files with the ease of your tablet pen using tablet-specific functionality like searchable ink, built-in TIP, custom interface and zooming.

Sign, stamp and secure - Your intellectual property is important to you, so Bluebeam helps you keep it safe. Control who can view, print, comment or copy from your PDFs and define and place digital signatures and PDF stamps.

Integrated online search - Bluebeam's latest innovation, the WebTab™ let's you search the Internet directly within Revu. View online PDF catalogs, supplier PDFs, or any website, combine online content with your original PDF or create a new PDF. No more switching back and forth between applications - Revu has it all.

So much included with your purchase - At half the price of the leading PDF software, choosing Bluebeam is a no brainer. Included with your license is free email tech support, tutorials and online resources. Optional maintenance plans and training programs are available too.


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