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Bluebeam Conversion Server offers the flexibility of three interfaces

Existing File Folders - Bluebeam Conversion Server watches Existing File Folders located on your network containing your project files. The server is configured to convert new files or updated files based on the schedule you specify (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.). This requires no interaction by users, they simple open and save files as normal and PDF creation is automatic.

New Conversion Folders - New folders are created on the network and configured specifically for converting files rather than storing files. The New Conversion Folders offer PDF creation in real time. With New Conversion Folders, users must copy the file into the folder to initiate PDF creation.

Network PDF Printer - Bluebeam Conversion Server includes a Network PDF Printer interface. The network printer device is installed on the client machine so users can convert CAD, Office and Windows files with a simple print command. Any file that can be printed can be converted to PDF or 10 file formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc.). The Network PDF Printer interface offers the flexibility to choose:

  • File Name
  • Folder to save the converted file
  • Image Resolution
  • Image Compression
  • Line Merge
  • Rotation

Programmatic Interface (API) - Bluebeam Conversion Server customers have complete access to the Bluebeam API. The Programmatic Interface allows customers to control:

  • Specific File type
  • Defining page sizes
  • Applying text stamps
  • Specify input and output sizes

The Programmatic Interface available in Bluebeam Conversion Server is a .NET API (Visual Basic .NET, C#)

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