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Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

VR (Virtual Reality) is the best communication tool available to builders, designers, engineers, and consultants. With immersive VR you can bring your client directly into your design for the ultimate experience. Eliminate misunderstandings and improve client communication with VR. It removes all doubt.

Using virtual reality software and high-end active stereo projectors, with stereoscopic glasses and motion tracking position trackers, the result is complete immersion of the user in a virtual world where objects float in space with high quality graphics. Motion trackers are implemented to monitor the user's position and orientation and are used to calculate a stereoscopic perspective view while allowing the user to freely move into and around the objects floating in space. The stereoscopic visualization is supported by an integrated audio surround system. Peripheral devices such as wands and gesture gloves are integrated into the system. EON Icube has the ability to rapidly deploy 3D interactive virtual simulations using a series of built-in classes of objects, drivers and a large library of 3D models, textures, and easy to use built-in functionalities.