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Information Technology

ProGroup offers Colocation Services to Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. Pro Repro can help you to enhance your business through the utilization of powerful technologies, such as: data storage, server backup, virtualization & cloud computing.


Data Storage

Pro Repro's servers have a 100% uptime gurantee, so that your data is accessible when you need it - no exceptions. The data facility is equipped with the most advanced fail-safe systems, redundancy, and back-up power making it an excellent solution for complete offsite server backups and remote data access & storage.


Pro Repro's Virtualization solutions are capable of reducing capital spending on server hardware through a consolidation process. Several virtual images can be run from a single piece of hardware, so that one server can act as many. For any inquiries regarding additional applications of Virtualization technology please feel free to contact us.



Cloud Computing

Pro Repro's cloud computing capabilities provides clients with a centrally managed pool of computer resources that can be accessed remotely by multiple users simultaneously. Resource intensive computer applications can reside virtually on the cloud and utilize the poweful hardware of Pro Repro's servers, which is a dynamic and cost effective solution for application deployment.