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ProGroup prides itself on our highly relational connections to our clients. More than just offering you a product, we provide the expertise, support, training, and synergy you need as a turnkey technology partner.

Our success stems from our intimate familiarity with industry best practices, which we have leveraged to technological success for clients within the top 50 largest architectural firms and specialty contractors. We are your long-term partner committed to project success through a variety of services that are tailored to address all your IT pain points.

  • Cloud Services
  • Security & Compliance
  • Managed IT
  • Co-Managed IT
  • Unified Communications
  • Complete IT Solutions

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Cloud Services

ProGroup’s private cloud infrastructure provides consolidated data, global accessibility, improved security, rapid deployment, and nearly unlimited scalability. On-site and remote users can collaborate seamlessly through a single source of truth for unified communications and documentation. The cloud safeguards your AEC data from cyber attacks and all variety of disasters, whether natural or manmade, providing you a reliable virtual means for recovery and business continuity.

Security & Compliance

Cyber attacks are widespread for any organization that conducts business through the internet, no matter how big or small. Cyber attacks take many forms— phishing, vishing, smishing, malware, bots—across a multitude of increasingly interconnected personal electronics. The majority of these attacks are consequences of human error. We provide cybersecurity services through encrypted databases, intelligent behavior monitoring, password management, and ongoing education to reduce security risks related not only to technology but also the habits of people and processes. We will ensure that your AEC organization is fully compliant with local regulations and mitigate the risk of legal liability for breaches of confidentiality.

Managed IT

ProGroup offers the technical know-how your organization needs without the added cost of a dedicated internal IT staff. Our fully managed support and services encompasses critical infrastructure responsibilities, including end-to-end backups of data, hosted telecommunications, and access to collaborative software. By providing ongoing monitoring and management, we’ll forecast issues before they become problems so that your business systems, operations, and networks remain maximally functional.

Co-Managed IT

ProGroup’s holistic approach to customers means that we’ll work with you to scale your IT based on business needs. One size doesn’t fit all, so we’ll provide you the right-sized support you need to succeed. Our co-managed IT services provide flexibility and adaptability in a hybrid model that will integrate seamlessly with your organization.

VOIP Communications

ProGroup can equip your organization with all the telecom software you need to drive team collaboration across computers, smartphones and other mobile devices across the world. Phone services through the internet allow for unified communications and telephony continuity that function just as well, if not better, than traditional enterprise phone systems.

Complete IT Solutions

Progroup has the expeirence and capabilities to manage all your IT Solutions. Our goal is maximium uptime and efficiency for all your networks and systems. We hope to earn your resepect as the leading AEC Technology partner.

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